William Shakespeare, between reality and legend



William Shakespeare lived between the XVI and the XVII centuries in Stratford upon Avon. He was an important playwright and poet, too , furthermore considered the biggest among the English writers. Besides this he was nicknamed “the bard of the Avon” or “the swan of the Avon”.  In addition to Shakespeare’s life and works, few people know that, around this illustrious character circulate several legends, some of which are in contrast with the information we usually find in a book or surfing the net.


The most widespread is that according to which Shakespeare was gay. In spite of he getting married with Anne Hathaway at 18, there are different elements which testified his being a homosexual. For instance the first 126 sonnets are addressed to the fair youth, a certain Mr. WH, whose identity is a mystery. A lot of people hold up that the person in question had to be: Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton, protector and intimate friend of Shakespeare or William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, also protector of the Bard.


Another legend is focused on the curse of a very well-known work: Macbeth, although it has never been called with its name but Scottish tragedy. This as, when it was staged, happened several events connected with the history. We are in the Scotland of the IX century. The main characters are King Ducan and his two generals Macbeth and Banquo. While they were strolling they met three witches who predicted them their future: Macbeth will become the new king instead Banquo will be the forefather of a dynasty of kings. At the end of the history both generals will die and to govern will be the ancestry of Banquo. When this play took place for the first time in 1606 died one of the characters, consequently it was banished for five years until in 1672 was suggested in Amsterdam. There the person , whose role was “king Ducan”, was ran through what was thought to be a fake sword. In 1849, in New York, owing to tumults died 22 people. After this tragedies there were others.

downloadOf Shakespeare is also said he isn’t the true author of some of his works for which they have been given merit to him. According to the researchers the real author was Francis Bacon, philosopher and politician, too, even so others held up that it was John Florio, literatus and linguist. All these thesis are falsehood which have been denied. Among the accusers one was Robert Greene: he thought that he copied from his work and form the work of his friend.

These are only few legend, although there are others as much entangling and full of mystery.


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